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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Through Wrestling

Jr. Huskies Wrestling Club: Building Character On and Off the Mat

Discover how the Jr. Huskies Wrestling Club harnesses the discipline of wrestling to foster life skills and personal development.

Our Mission

At Jr. Huskies Wrestling Club, we believe in using the dynamic and challenging sport of wrestling as a tool to teach vital life skills. Our program is designed not only to improve physical strength and technique but also to instill qualities like resilience, teamwork, and leadership among young athletes.

Through rigorous training and dedicated coaching, we prepare our athletes to face both the challenges on the mat and the challenges in life with confidence and integrity.

More Than a Team

The Jr. Huskies Wrestling Club is committed to creating a supportive family environment. We understand the importance of encouragement and empathy in nurturing young athletes during their formative years.

A Supportive Community

Our community extends beyond the mat. We strive to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support, ensuring that each member feels valued and understood.

Continued Engagement

Graduates from our program often continue their journey with us, whether as University of Saskatchewan Huskie athletes, club athletes, coaches, officials, or sports administrators. We take pride in the lifelong relationships we build with our members.

Paths to Success with Jr. Huskies Wrestling

Graduating from Jr. Huskies Wrestling opens a multitude of doors for our athletes. Whether you aspire to compete as a University of Saskatchewan Huskie Athlete, or prefer to contribute to the sport as a club athlete, coach, official, or sports administrator, the opportunities are boundless.

Our program is designed not just to create skilled wrestlers but also to prepare leaders in the community. Each role offers a unique way to stay connected with the wrestling family and contribute to its growth and success.

Transformative Journey in Wrestling

From Passion to Life Preparedness

At Jr. Huskies Wrestling, athletes enter with a passion for the sport and leave equipped with valuable life skills. The journey through our program is transformative, instilling discipline, resilience, and teamwork.

Our training goes beyond physical prowess, preparing athletes for life’s challenges and opportunities, ensuring they appreciate the deeper values of commitment and personal growth.

 Ten qualities our wrestlers will learn from their experience as a Jr. Huskie wrestler:

  • Integrity
  • Teachable Spirit
  • Academic Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Accountability – Work Habits
  • Discipline
  • Mental Toughness
  • Pride & Humility
  • Selflessness

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