Shane Bradley - 306 - 717 - 0159

Junior & Senior National Championships

March 22 - 24, 2019 in Saskatoon

Wrestling Objective

The ultimate goal of freestyle wrestling is to demonstrate control over your opponent.  There are 3 ways to win…

  • Win by a FALL – You pin your opponents shoulders to the mat simultaneously and controlled for a one count.  The mat referee seeks confirmation from the judge.
  • Win by POINTS – Wrestler is ahead on points at the end of the match.
  • Win by TECHNICAL SUPERIORITY – Wrestler who establishes a point lead of 10 or more points in freestyle and 8 or more points in greco roman, wins the match.

Wrestling Styles

  • There is FREESTYLE – wrestlers are allowed to attack the whole body.
  • There is GRECO ROMAN – wrestlers cannot attack below the hips.

Scoring Points

Points are awarded for a variety of takedowns and holds on the ground.

  • One point is scored when there is a reversal on the ground – wrestlers switch top and bottom positions.
  • One point is awarded if a wrestler steps out of bounds.  You must always wrestle in bounds.
  • Two points are scored when a wrestler does a takedown from feet to stomach(no back exposure).
  • Two points are awarded when wrestlers are ground wrestling and the wrestler on top exposes the opponents shoulders to the mat.
  • Four points are scored when a wrestler performs a takedown or throw from feet to back.
  • Five points are awarded for a grand amplitude throw from feet to back.  This is only seen in greco roman.


A wrestling match consists of 2 periods that are 3 minutes in length.  There is a 30 second interval between periods.


Cautions are at the discretion of the referee and are given for things like fleeing a hold, performing an illegal hold, and maintaing an incorrect ‘Par Terre’ starting position.  Each caution is 1 point and if a wrestler accumulates 3 cautions they will lose the match.  Also, if a wrestler injures their opponent with an illegal move they will forfeit the match.


  • Referee – this is the official on the mat responsible for starting and ending the match, and awarding points in the match.
  • Judge – this is the official who verifies the points being awarded by the referee.
  • Chairman – this official will step in when the referee and judge disagree on the points awarded.


  • Neutral Position – starting position with wrestlers standing and facing each other in their stance.
  • Danger Position – a wrestler has their back exposed to the mat.
  • Out of Bounds – any body part that is outside the outside edge of the ring.
  • Hold – a wrestler is controlling opponent’s movement.
  • Reversal – when a dominated wrestler switches control with their opponent.
  • Par Terre – this is a starting position with both wrestlers on their hands and knees.


Many thanks to our sponsors who make this championship possible.

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